Inside baseball: HP and Netflix homepage re-dos

HP rolled out a new homepage. What interests me about it is how they’ve reduced the main top navigation to two links:

But that’s at the expense of a ginormous “mega drop-down”:

In essence, site nav is a modal pane. You could see it as an acknowledgment that a user who is looking for something on another page has already “mentally” left the current page. The big nav pane is a transitional layer between where you’ve been and where you’re going. 

Now here’s the new Netflix user homepage:

Nice and clean, n’est ce pas? What caught my attention here was a design meant to scale laterally—whether you have a 12” notebook or a 24” desktop monitor, it’ll handily scale to fit the width of your screen. The game here is to put as many videos in your face as possible. Many sites worry about losing what’s “below the fold.” Netflix said, hell, if we can’t do anything about making monitors longer, we can sure as hell take advantage of all those wide-ass monitors out there and grab more shelf space that way:


Sit on Yuyu Ushida's sofa made of 8000 recycled chopsticks, an hour later you'll want to sit on it again

As seen on Inhabitat and probably a million other places. Designer Yuyu Ushida wanted to highlight the ecological impact of disposable wooden chopsticks, so dude made this elaborate piece. Wouldn’t it have been simpler just to write a Facebook post about it? Yeah, but then I guess he wouldn’t have gotten any furniture out of the deal. ‘Cause this baby isn’t just ONE piece of furniture—oh, no. It squooshes in laterally to the width of a chair. No word on whether it’s available with StainMaster or not. 

I’m thinking not.