#OST: More Facebook posts from Oversharing Tuesday


I have a celebrity back acne fetish. #OST

The reason I was such a scrawny, malnourished kid? They say breast feeding is supposed to bring a mother and child closer and everything, but I was just never really into my mom’s breasts. #OST

Sometimes I go commando and pretend I’m wearing “virtual underwear.” #OST

I started liking my e-cigarette more when I heard someone say it looked like I was sucking a robot dick. #OST

The first time I was allowed to take my little sister to the zoo by myself I was crushed to learn that even a three-year-old was too big to shove through the bars on any of the cages. #OST

When I was in college, I put a sleeping bag on my bed so I wouldn’t have to wash the bedding. I’m still using the same sleeping bag, and I don’t even notice the smell anymore. #OST

Theatre in the round makes me dizzy. #OST

I cheated on my Mensa entrance exam and failed to get in anyway. #OST

If I need change for the parking meter, I steal coins from the fountain at the childrens’s hospital. #OST

If I really hate someone I’m waiting on, I won’t wash my hands after using the restroom. #OST