Amazon pimpin': Weber Spirit SP-310 Gas Grill

Click photo to shop Weber Spirit SP-310 three-burner liquid propane grillMy Weber gas grill is probably the heaviest—and most heavily used—item I’ve ever bought on Amazon. I bought mine nine years ago. The model has since been discontinued, but this is very similar in size, number of burners and features.

We use our Weber gas grill year round a minimum of three times a week and usually much more. I’m pretty sure this thing will outlive me. Let’s face it—equipment that lives outside and endures a lot of high heat takes a lot of abuse. What I like about my Weber grill is that replacement parts are readily available, so when something wears out, you don’t have to start over with a new grill. 

It’s easy to clean, it works great, and Weber customer service is top notch. Take it from me, an outdoor gas grill is one of those things you don’t want to cheap out on. Yes, there are lots of lower priced brands that look similar when they are shiny and brand new in the store. You’d be lucky to get five years out of one of them. Buy one that will last and be done with it. 

Note: I try to offset my expenses for this site through Amazon affiliate links. I only pimp items on Amazon that I’ve actually purchased and used.