Crowd Sourced Really Bad Flavor Names for Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream

Here’s a starter list of 22. Send me your contributions via Facebook, email (link above) or tweet to @richie_boy.


Caramel Confetti Mishap

Alabama Almond Aspic

Natural & Artificial Flavor Showdown

Raspberry Roadkill Road

Marshmallow Muenster Mush

Your Spumoni’s No Good Here

Flexible Fudge

Creampie Cameo

Naked Bunch (o’ Bananas!)

Berry, Berry Bruised Fruit

Massive Dump

Too Hasty Pudding

Red Corduroy Cake

Chewy Chewy Chapstick

Buried Toffee Treasure

Mocha Loco Choco Chump

Triple Double Entendre Eclair

Test Tube Flavor #713R

Ticky Tacky Tobacky

Oil Slick

Bean There, Dung That

Too, Too Fruity