5 Favorite T-Shirts

Brought to you by the “What Can I Blog About Now” Dept.

An original Big Boys shirt, featuring a design by the late, great Randy “Biscuit” Turner on the front. (Although I’m not entirely sure it’s not by Big Boy Tim Kerr, still an accomplished and prolific artist and musician to this day.) This was hand printed by Big Boy Chris Gates, whom I was roommates with briefly in the 80s. Their famous skateboard “A” is on the back. The Big Boys were the greatest and one of the most influential bands to come out of Austin—ever. I was one of their legions of fans and hangers-on. This shirt is tissue paper thin. Can’t be worn. Won’t be discarded. 
VIDEO: BIG BOYS Austin TX punk, ‘Funk Off’ / ‘Baby, Let’s Play God …

This is just a t-shirt I got at Target eleventy billion years ago that will not die. It’s been washed eleventy billion times. It’s got a particularly unflattering lack of shape. It used to be much bluer. Excellent for couch lolling. 

Clay Davis was a character from the Wire, my favorite show. He was a corrupt but charming politician. So this is such an inside-baseball design for a t-shirt. Created by hotshot Mule Design Studio. Also a favorite because it was a gift from my dear friend, Rod Barks.

Holes in both armpits. Shrunk to virtually unwearable. Will I ever part with this original Astrodome-era Houston Astros t-shirt? No. No I will not. 

Just a brilliant design by my friend, “artist” Ellen Gibbs. Ellen originally used the design to make small floor warning signs (similar to “wet floor” signs) alerting people to the presence of cat vomit that hadn’t been cleaned up yet. Then she got the idea to make a t-shirt with it. For a while, she was sold out of these and not interested in making more, and I would gripe to her, because every time I wear it, at least two or three people ask me where they can buy it. But now she has a whole range of cat vomit-wear available on Cafe Press. Get some.