What is destroying the Afghan pinecones of Daniel Drive?

This is a pinecone from one of the two Afghan pine trees in front of our house. For the first time I can remember, this year this particular tree bore cones. They are like dense little sap grenades. 

This is the debris field below the tree. Some unseen stealth creature has been having a party by decimating these pine cones. An acorn? OK, yeah, I could see eating an acorn in a pinch. But one of these stinky, sappy pinecones? Come on.


This close up shows how this demonic creature strips each cone lobe by lobe, leaving the stripped lobes and the decimated cone carcasses all over the damn place.

Several times I have been looking up in the tree trying to figure out what’s going on, only to have a piece of pinecone rain down on my face. Whatever is doing this is fucking with me.

Yet I can never see a bird or a squirrel or anything in the tree. Damn you, you damn dirty stealth pinecone decimator!

But enough about me. How you doin?