Guess who isn't one of the 50 most influential cats on the internet, and if you said "Yeti," you are correct.

Totally commercialized, bullshit list that Yeti is not on and does not want to be on. Unless he is.What a load of kitty shite! Friskies, the famous cat food brand, has launched a crapulous popularity contest purportedly listing the 50 most influential cats on the intertubes, of which you-know-who (Yeti) is not one of them!

I call bullshit. 

Who wants to be on that stupid old list anyway? Yeti is too busy. 

Those cynical Friskies bastards even have a quick and easy way of nominating cats to the list, but God forbid someone should nominate Yeti! And God forbid they should include his YouTube playlist as one of his “social properties” if they do nominate him. (Yeti’s YouTube playlist, featuring his 100 or so videos, may be found at 

In conclusion, Yeti is not listed as one of the 50 most influential cats on the Internet and does not want to be, because any list that excludes him is a dumb, worthless list, although Yeti is NOT saying that if he was added to the list he might not grudgingly reconsider his position. 

To repeat, Yeti does NOT want to be on a list that he is not on. Currently.

That is all.