10 More Good Reasons to Back My Kickstarter Campaign

Serotonin receptors in action. See reason #10   

There are just 10 days—yikes!—until my Kickstarter campaign deadline. I’m raising funds to release my second ManChildATX album on CD and to promote it. My campaign started off great, but where success once seemed inevitable, well, it no longer does. In fact, at the pace new backers are joining, it ain’t lookin’ too good. I blame myself. I haven’t given you enough good reasons to help. So here are 10 more:

1. My album may be really good. In fact I think it’s great. But unless I reach my goal, we’ll never know. Won’t that be a major sadz? Allow me to answer that: yes, it will.

2. You’ll defy Newton’s Law. Ol’ Isaac said an object at rest tends to remain at rest. My fundraising total has not budged for days. You can counter that inertia.

3. You’ll be helping keep Austin weird. I’m weird. I’ve lived in Austin since the Pleistocene era. You do the math.

4. You’ll get something back. My backers are entitled to some super-groovy rewards, starting at just $5 for a download of my album. $12 gets you a CD. Check it out, homes. 

5. I’ll beam a private mini-concert to you from my bathroom. For just a $100 donation. See, I told you I was weird.

6. You can help a lot by doing just a little. If I don’t make my campaign goal, my Kickstarter doesn’t fund, I don’t get any money, and there will be no backer rewards. The dozens of people who have taken the big step to back my campaign will have done it all for naught. Your small donation can help avoid that travesty.

7. It’s super easy to do. Go to my campaign page. Watch the video, choose your reward, then click the big green button that says, “Back This Campaign.” It’ll be like a rocket sled on greased rails from there on out. You’ll be in and out of there in 5 minutes or so.

8. You’ll feel good, over and over. Through Kickstarter, I’ll keep you informed of the progress of my project. Having backed a number of projects myself, I’ve found that these communiques help bring back the warm feelings I got when I first backed someone’s campaign. They help me feel invested in someone’s creative success. That feels good. Try it.

9. You’ll support a new music business model. You’ve probably heard that the music business is dying. But the big record companies still make money, just not as much. It’s we musicians who are getting squeezed. Kickstarter is one way we can take our music directly to the people who can appreciate it. I believe in this model, but I need your help to make it work for me.

10. You’ll alter my brain chemistry. My highly scientific research shows that making someone happy makes you happy, too. And if I make my campaign goal in the next 10 days, I will be very, very happy. With just a couple of clicks you can help bathe my synapses in that sweet, sweet, serotonin. Hit me!

Thank you so much for your help.

Rich a/k/a ManChildATX