Inexplicable Spurs championship knock-off t-shirt for chintzy bandwagoners

So you say you want to jump on the San Antonio Spurs’ NBA championship celebration bandwagon?

But you’re kinda cheap and you don’t wanna spring for officially licensed NBA gear?

Is that what’s bothering you, bunky?

Well, hold your head up high and walk tall, because Walgreens in Austin has just what you need. Just like the stores that sell the real thing, the day after the Spurs’ triumph, Walgreens had their shelves stocked with just-in-time merch made to help them cash in. 

Yes, go forth proudly with your muscles flexed and your chest all puffed out, the better to display this knock-off t-shirt Walgreens let you have for only ten bucks. 

Just be sure to remove the sticker that disclaims any resemblance—unintentional or otherwise—to any officially licensed sports team. 

And have an answer ready for when anyone asks you what the hell your shirt means.

Good luck!