Forget the Humor Code, here's why things are funny

For this they wrote a book?!

You’ve probably heard about The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny, a new book by Peter McGraw and Joel Warner. The book is the source of news stories you may have read about the 10 funniest cities in America.

I’ve always thought that analyzing humor is a silly pursuit, both literally and figuratively. If McGraw and Warner really wanted to know what makes things funny, I could’ve saved them the trouble of writing a book and making all that money. There aren’t that many things that make things funny. In fact, here’s the entire list:

Expulsions of air, (any) body orifice from

Balls, appearance of, descriptions of, getting racked in

Old Jewish women, visits to the gynecologist of

Priests, rabbis and ministers, walking into a bar of

“The other,” otherness of

Intense sexual desire, desperate, ill-considered attempts to fulfill

Stereotypes, stereotyped behavior of

Farmers, daughters of

Donkeys, dicks of

“It’s the parrot.”