Top 10 (sincere) Reasons to Donate to My Kickstarter Campaign

Today is Day 2 of my ManChildATX Kickstarter campaign. I’m raising funds to cover the costs of duplicating and promoting my already completed second CD, My Mouse Finger Is Insured for $10M.

Traditionally the second day of a Kickstarter campaign is deadsville. I’m trying not to let that happen. Here are some reasons why you might consider helping make Day 2 a success. Thank you! (PS: Look for the Top 10 bullshit/funny reasons to donate to my Kickstarter campaign later today.)

1. There’s something in it for you. For just $5 you can get a download of my new album; $12 for a CD. This is not a “potential” or “vaporware” album. It’s already done, and it’s great. I’m really proud of it. And there are lots of other cool rewards at higher donation levels.

2. You’ll be disruptive. The music business is broken, especially for undiscovered talent like me. By discovering my music through Kickstarter, you’ll skip the industry gatekeepers who are looking for the next big thing that sounds exactly like the last big thing.

3. You will make a difference. Every new supporter/fan is precious to me. I am trying to build a following person-by-person. You matter.

4. You are momentum. I need momentum. When people see other people supporting a campaign, they’re more likely to support it, too.

5. I am responsible. I take this campaign very seriously and I’ll work my ass off to fulfill all campaign rewards and responsibly use any leftover funds to promote the CD.

6. I represent the era of “Fun, Fun, Fun.” I started playing in the Austin punk/indie music scene in the early ‘80s. The spirit, edge and creativity of that time are still what drive my music. I know that means something to some people. Maybe you’re one of them.

7. You’re backing passion. My work writing, recording and producing as ManChildATX has been the most incredible, intense and fulfilling creative work I’ve ever done, and that’s especially true for this album. I really want to continue doing this. The success of this campaign will determine how realistic it is for me to keep on keeping on. If I were considering giving someone a few bucks, that would matter to me.

8. You’ll be part of an august group. 16 incredible people backed me on my first day. Among them are artists, writers, publishers, architects, moms, dads, nurse practitioners, comics and musicians. What I’m missing is you!

9. The most important number to me doesn’t have a dollar sign. Do I want and need the money?  Sure, of course. We all do. But the most important total to me is the number of backers I get. Because, again, I’m trying to build a following here. Yes, I need to add to my dollar total in whatever increments I can. But there’s only one way I can add to my backer total, and that is one by one. I need you to be one of them.

10.  You will be appreciated. When I donate to a Kickstarter campaign, it makes me feel good to help someone whose passions and desires are real. It’s incredibly difficult to put into words just how much each new backer means to me. But I’ll send you a note doing my best to let you know.

Again, here’s my Kickstarter campaign page. Thank you so much.