Open source list of potential comedy club names

Anyone in North America may use any one of these names free of charge to start a comedy club, although an all-expenses-paid trip to the grand opening party to any venue outside the 512 area code would be a nice gesture, don’t you think?

I am seeding the list with these entries, but let’s grow this sucker. Send me your entries on Facebook or Twitter (@richie_boy, hashtag #comedyclubnames).

The Riot Room

Chez Comedié

Fitz and McGiggle’s

Ye Aulde Laff Shaque


The Hilarity Hole

Guffaw Getters

Laugh Trackers

Bananas! Bananas!

The LOL Lounge at Goldblatt’s

Mama TeeHee’s

The Brick Wall

The Bust-a-Gut Hut

Bellylaffs & Brewskis

Shangri Lahf

Junior’s Say What?

Improv Igloo

Bleeper’s Blue Room

Chief Funnyhaha’s