Spoiler Alert: Some Predicted Super Bowl Ads


Advertiser: Feline Foodies Cat Food
Synopsis: A woman stands in her kitchen holding her cat. She pets the cat and we can tell there’s a great bond between them. With sadness, the woman speaks to the cat: “I’m so sorry, Mr. Waffles. I tried everything, but I just can’t find a cat food that you enjoy. So I guess this is goodbye.” She opens the oven door and is just about to put the cat inside when a neighbor walks in and sees what’s going on. “Wait!” the neighbor cries with alarm, holding up a can of the product. “Try Feline Foodies.” The woman, still holding the cat, stands up and closes the oven door. Her eyes brighten as she speaks with a hopeful tone, “Feline Foodies, huh?”
Bumper: Finicky feline? Don’t kill it—feed it Feline Foodies!

Advertiser: LaGree Wealth Management
A well-groomed, expensively dressed man is driving his Maybach through a wealthy community. He pulls into the driveway of a large estate, presses a remote in his car and the filigreed wrought iron gate opens. He’s home. As he cruises slowly up the long drive towards the grand mansion still some distance away, he surveys his domain with satisfaction: the laborers tending to the extensive manicured gardens, the poolman cleaning the olympic-sized pool, the glass-walled jewel box of an outbuilding where his many other pristine luxury vehicles are garaged and displayed. Suddenly he slams on the brakes and stops short. Over a tall, ivy-colored stone wall he sees the movement of a commercial construction crane on the neighboring estate. A closer shot of the crane arm shows it lowering some kind of massive dome onto a tower. Down the length of the crane arm are the words, “Felkman Fine Home Astronomical Observatories.” Close up on the man—his face looks stricken.
Bumper: LaGree Wealth Management: Which Percent of the 1 Percent Are You In?

Advertiser: McSwill’s Lite Beer
A balding, fat, middle-aged man is lying on a lounge chair on a crowded down-at-the-heels resort beach somewhere in the coastal U.S. He’s restless. His average-looking wife, tanned to a crisp, dozes in the chair next to him, earbuds in and oblivious. The man notices a gorgeous young bikini-clad woman walking in their direction. Through quick shot-reverse shots, it is apparent this sex kitten is headed straight for him. A close up on her face shows her seductive smile. Just as she nears, the man starts to rise from his chair. The young woman brusquely pushes him back down and stands over him, straddling the chair. As the stunned man glances over anxiously and sees that his wife is still oblivious, the young woman reaches for something at her side. A close up shows she has a beer can holster affixed to the bikini bottom at her tawny hip. She draws an ice-cold can of McSwill’s Lite from the holster, hands it to the man, winks and walks on. Close up of the pull tab opening, releasing sudsy McSwill’s Lite with a pfft. The man’s wife stirs as he takes the first dreamy sip. “Hey, where’d you get that?” the wife says in a whiny nasal voice. The man shrugs. He glances around. The woman has vanished. He closes his eyes, takes another delicious pull at the can. “Got another one?” the wife asks. “Nope,” the man says, smacking his lips with evident satisfaction.
Bumper: Some things you’ll never have. But you can have a McSwill’s.