Monday Morning Ethicist: Just Bag Me

Chuck Klosterman is The Ethicist for the NYT. I am the Monday Morning Ethicist.

Yesterday’s second question for Chuck:

I accepted a gift from my insurance agent. It has the company name and logo on one side. I dislike advertising on clothes and such, so my inclination is to carry the bag logo-side in. But am I obliged to show the company name because I agreed to take the bag?

Chuck said: Nah.

I say: Are you for real? You really had an ethical dilemma with this? You really had to write a professional to ask whether you could turn some old raggedy-ass, made-in-China imitation polyester giveaway tote bag inside out? Lookit, sweetheart, don’t be bothering Chuck with this bullshit. Chuck got better things to do than be advising every helpless deer-in-the-headlights citizen with an email account or a postage stamp. I know I’m sometimes tough on Chuck and all, but I feel for him here, because if this is indicative of the quality of questions he’s got coming in, then I don’t even want to know what’s in the bottom of his mailbag. I will say that whatever you do, hang on to that tote bag, because your clueless ass is going to be on the street and living out of that thing before too long.