I can't decide if Hot Pepper Game Reviews is brilliantly stupid or stupidly brilliant

We all know stupid can be funny. Hell, I’ve made something of a non-career out of it with this blog. But I am neither stupid enough to be this funny, nor funny enough to be this stupid. 

As seen on Kottke, just in time for Friday, comes now Hot Pepper Game Reviews, and the name says it all. But, OK, I’ll explain it anyway. In each episode, an attactive youf eats a hot pepper and then attempts to deliver a video game review with a straight face, which must be very difficult to do when your face feels like it’s melting off.

It certainly looks painful, which is why it’s funny. But unlike fail videos, where, say, a guy gets racked in the nuts, these idiots bring the pain on themselves, so there are no pangs of ethical conscience to hamper the hilarity. And the kids manage to be very charming in the process, especially the adorable Erin Schmalfeld (website, @eschmalf on Twitter), who one could see moving on to bigger and better things from here, like, I don’t know, landing a sitcom role, or, at the very least, reading poetry while jabbing herself with a cattle prod. 

Here the kids answer some of the questions you yourself will want answered, but first check out Erin’s most recent review, below. To me the incongruity of her office secretary look is what helps make this clip priceless: