Amazing, Though False #2

Ted Cruz, the United States senator from Canada, was born with a full set of adult teeth.

If you laid the lunch of every school child in the country end-to-end, you’d have to walk your ass off to cherry-pick all of the fruit leather.

Each time you sneeze, you release thousands of sneeze particles, most of which will skip town before their court dates.

Twerking is not new—it is believed to have begun in the Middle Ages as a behavior women undertook to free themselves from a horsehide chastity garment known as a twerken.

Rapper JayZ’s full name is Jared Zeld.

Though for years many chefs have added truffle shavings to certain to dishes for added depth of flavor, some daring modern chefs are now encouraging their truffles to grow full beards.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi determines whether she is ready for her next facelift by having an intern try to bounce a nickel off her cheek.

Zebras evolved to have vertical stripes because individuals born with horizontal stripes failed to reached breeding age, starving themselves to death trying not to look fat.