How to coil cables properly so you don't piss me off


Cable hygiene is very near and dear to my heart. I hate untangling cables, and I hate it when cables get ruined because they’re so twisted. 

The reason you shouldn’t just coil cables up loop over loop is that each loop puts a half twist in the cable. That makes the cables more prone to tangling and eventually all the twists will break the inside wires prematurely. 

When I was in film school, a teaching assistant showed us how to wrap cables (knowing, perhaps, that it was a task many film school grads would regard as the pinnacles of their showbiz careers). But I couldn’t get it right. For some reason, I didn’t ask for help or ask for a repeat demonstration. And for years, my crappy cable wrapping technique haunted me. Eventually, piecing together that lecture from memory, I figured out how to do it.

I use the first method shown in the ultra-handy video below. As the guy demonstrates, the key is that each loop cancels out the half twist of the loop before it. And I like the direction to make the loops “about as big as your head.”  

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