Amazing, Though False #1


14 Major League Baseball players—though none currently active—were born covered in scales.

Though most believe it is an internal organ, the spleen is more properly characterized as a parasite.

Late in life, President Dwight Eisenhower rewrote his will, cutting off his family and leaving his entire inheritance to his favorite bowling ball, a Brunswick S35 model. 

Water can exist as a solid, liquid, gas, or a guy named Larry.

My friend’s dad invented the Internet in his garage.

Google Glass a new innovation? Nossir. The X-Ray Specs sold in comic books for decades by the Johnson Smith Company had all of the same features, but boy purchasers never got past “How to See Through Women’s Clothing” in the user’s manual.

By contractual obligation, promoters must provide the musical group Mumford & Sons with a live goat before each performance. These goats are never seen again.  

In a blind taste test, 95% of so-called tequila aficionados could not tell the difference between their beloved spirit and warm water filtered through dirty pantyhose.

“Skinny jeans” are mentioned 18 times in the Old Testament.