My First Solo Show: Abandoned Full Poo Bags, Summer 2013

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I am interested in the interstices that define separation. The 2 mil of Chinese polyethylene that separates poo from the Earth. The few steps that separate a full poo bag left on the ground from a nearby trashcan. These are the distances that limn my work.

I believe it is only through art that we can fully appreciate the fundamental dichotomies in our world. One such dichotomy is between the feelings of social obligation that impel us to make a public show of putting on a polyethylene hand puppet and force feeding with it our dogs’ excrement, and the selfish douchiness that enables some of us to turn that puppet inside out and toss it aside to be someone else’s problem.

I hope you are moved by what you see here.

R. Malley