D'oh! Dzhokhar Tsarnaev not looking like Osama bin Laden on the cover of Rolling Stone IS THE WHOLE POINT, YOU IDIOTS!

Gah! Wait! Hold up! Two big retailers, CVS and Walgreens, announced that they wouldn’t sell the issue of Rolling Stone with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, because it “glamorizes” him.

No one has a problem with the actual reporting or write up of the story, they just don’t like seeing pictures of terrorists looking like normal people. 

Even though they DO sometimes look like normal people! Which would seem like an important point! 

Like I said, gah! And d’oh!

A Massachusetts State Police photographer was so incensed by the Tsarnaev cover that he released photos of Tsarnaev’s capture, possibly jeopardizing his job in the process

Tsarnaev’s wrestling coach is quoted at length in Janet Reitman’s piece, and among other points, has this to say: “I knew this kid, and he was a good kid. And, apparently, he’s also a monster.”

Oh, and PS, CVS and Walgreens, way to draw attention to something you didn’t want people to pay attention to! Nice job! I’m sure Jann Wenner could not be more pleased.