Bogus LinkedIn endorsements I've earned

Not that I’m not grateful, mind you, but here is a sampling of LinkedIn endorsements I’ve received which I do not deserve. As noted below each endorsement, either the endorser has no knowledge of whether or not I have the skill for which I am being endorsed, or the endorser is fibbing, or some combination of both.  

This is from my sister, who I am pretty sure doesn’t even know the meaning of these terms. But she loves me, so that’s nice.  

This is a friend whom I’ve played in bands with but with whom I have never discussed interactive advertising. Ever.

This is someone I have worked with extensively, and who knows I couldn’t use Photoshop to save my life.

This is an artist whose work I have purchased. This person knows nothing about me other than that my check didn’t bounce. 

Never worked with this person. 

Thank you! Even though I have no idea who you are!