Which glasses.com women's glasses do I look dorkiest in?

New York Times tech columnist David Pogue’s dweeby schtick can get annoying sometimes, but I credit him for clueing me into some cool stuff I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. 

Pogue’s most recent column is about some interesting eyeglass innovations—not the wearable technology kind of eyeglasses, like Google Glass, but advances designed to help people who wear plain old glasses-glasses. 

The most compelling of these, to me, was the glasses.com virtual try-on iPad app. It makes a 3D model of your face and then lets you virtually try on hundreds of frames from the comfort of your couch. 

Pogue is dead on when he notes that one of the biggest downers of trying on glasses in person is that you can’t tell what the hell you look like when you are wearing them. Because, you know, you need glasses to see. My myopia kicks in about 6 inches from my face. You can’t really get a fair idea of how you look in glasses when you are 6 inches from the mirror. 

The glasses.com app solves that problem and works beautifully. It’s really, really slick. I had fun this morning “trying on” dozens of frames.

The photos below show me in the women’s frames that made me look the dorkiest. Because, you know, I love to bring ridicule upon myself on the internets.