Where in the World Is Edward Snowden: Test Your Geography Skills

Edward Snowden just slipped out of Honk Kong!  His friends at the National Safety Agency want to find him so they can keep him safely. I mean, keep him safe. And help him “get his mind right.”

Only you can help the National Safety Agency find Edward so they can keep him safely—I mean safe, darn it. How? By answering these multiple choice questions:

1) If Edward left Hong Kong by rowboat, which of these bodies of water did he NOT cross?

A. Dadong Bay

B. Mawari Bay

C. the South China Sea

D. Lake Michigan

2). If  Edward was rowing due east really, really fast when he left Hong Kong, his boat would shear off the tip of which nearby major island nation-state?

A. Atlantis

B. Missouri

C. Oz

D. Taiwan

3) According to Wikipedia, Eddie grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. Which of these potential hiding places is CLOSEST to there?

A. Moscow

B. Pyongyang

C. Beijing

D. North Wilmington, North Carolina

4) If Edward wanted to blend in with the men of the local populace, in which he country would he most likely be in if he donned a shalwar kameez?

A. Ireland

B. The Hamptons

C. Paris

D. Afghanistan

5). Edward is hungry, so he goes to the fridge in his safe house. In the fridge is a container of leftovers marked “shrimp from the barbie.” Where is Edward most likely hiding now?

A. Outback Steakhouse

B. Peru

C. Des Moines

D. Australia

Answers: D, D, D, D, D