Product review: ModTable desk by MultiTable, LifeSpan TR1200 DT treadmill

First off, let me be clear what I mean by “review.” By “review,” I mean “overview,” as in here’s what you get, here’s how it works.

I wish I could say that I am capable of offering an impartial critique of these products, but let’s face it: I dropped just north of two grand on this bitch. I’m invested in it. I can’t be impartial.

That said, I love it. Full stop. I’m very happy with the purchase. Absolutely no twinges of buyer’s remorse, or wishing I had bought something else instead.

Some have suggested after the fact that I could have cobbled my own solution together for less dough. Thanks, guys. Yeah, duh, I know that. I know I could’ve spent less money. I know I could’ve cobbled my own solution together. (The great treadmill desk info clearinghouse has an entire section devoted to the DIY approach.)

There are a couple of reasons why I bought new, and as a package.

First off, I live with someone who cares whether or not my home office looks like ass when visitors poke their heads in. And frankly, while I’d accept a less attractive setup if it was only my opinion that mattered, I love the way this desk looks.

Secondly, this is a critical tool for my job, my livelihood. And if there’s one place I have learned to avoid “the cheap man pays the most” syndrome, it is with tools I will be using constantly.  

Finally, time matters to me. Merely dismantling my old desktop setup (wires, wires, and more wires), moving the old desk, assembling the new desk and reconnecting my desktop setup (The wires! The wires!) took the better part of three days. And I’m still making organizational tweaks.

It just was not worth it to me to spend a lot of time and legwork going the DIY route. Once I make a decision, I want to act on it ASAP. And today, I’m using my new treadmill desk and getting the benefits from it, instead of chasing down used desks and treadmills, and whatever else I’d need. 

OK, enough preamble, To learn about the ModTable treadmill desk by MultiTable and the LifeSpan TR1200 DT treadmill I purchased with it, view this slideshow:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me