Phrases with words you almost never see otherwise

I thought this would be easier. The exercise is to list odd words that are almost exclusively used as part of a phrase with other specific words.

I didn’t come up with as many as I thought I would, but I’ll be adding more as I think of them, and as you bring ‘em, either via email or The Twitter.

The oddball words are in bold and link to their definitions.

short shrift

own petard

anchors aweigh

scared shitless

beer stein

charnel house

hammer and sickle/sickle cell anemia

fulsome praise

vestal virgin

railroad trestle

catalytic converter

hot toddy

hoar frost

Add-ons since original post (‡ = an Oblogatorian entry; * = me):

motley crew*

flotsam and jetsam‡ (Double credit to Oblogatorian D.A.!)

sidle up