Double-shot of cat-on-dog lovin' features Chuck Jones's classic "Feed the Kitty"

What could be better than a twin bill that starts with an adorable kitten making biscuits on a grunting pug? Especially when it’s followed by what must surely be its animated inspiration, “Feed the Kitty,” from Looney Tunes genius Chuck Jones. 

First the so-cute-it-might-be-fake kitten and pug:


In our second feature, gruff bulldog Marc Anthony unexpectedly falls in love with a little kitten. But he’s afraid his bitchy mom won’t let him keep it!

Floridly expressive character eyes were a Chuck Jones trademark, and nowhere are they more in evidence than in “Feed the Kitty.”

Check it out:

Guilty eyes: 3:41

Single eye of despair: 5:06

Tear-swollen eyes: 5:28

With extra grief: 5:39

Surprised relief: 6:28

Cat’s finally finished makin’ biscuits: 7:05

NOTE: The Warner Bros. cartoon above is in Flash. If you’re on an iOS device and don’t see it, that’s why.