Video of 747 cargo plane crashing at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan

For those, like me, who are morbidly curious about stuff like this. Everytime I see a 747 parked on the ground at an airport, I always think, Damn, how does something that big get aloft and fly? Yet they do, thousands of times every day.

But for this cargo plane carrying military vehicles, something went very wrong shortly after takeoff, possibly a shift in the load that changed the plane’s flying characteristics. And once it stalled, well, it very quickly behaved like something too big to get aloft and fly. Seven people died. 

I’m curious how the person who shot this dashcam video could remain so silent. He mutters a solitary F-bomb around 1:20, apparently because the crash is blocking his way, and then he tries to quiet his squealing dog a short time later. But other than that, he sounds pretty calm. If this had happened right in front of me, I’m pretty sure I’d still be saying, “Oh, my God,” over and over again.