Reveal in Finder: greatest UI feature since multiple undos

Say you’re working in an application.

“I’m working in an application.”

No, don’t literally say it. Just pretend it.

“Oh, OK. But you said say it.”

I know, but it was just a figure of speech. Anyway, you’re working in this application, and you’re generating content of some kind. Then it’s time to export that content into a file format. You click “export” and then what happens?

“Sometimes I go to the bathroom while I’m waiting.” 

OK, when you come back from the bathroom what happens? 

“Oh, then I look for the exported file to see if it came out the way I wanted it.”

And how do you do that?

“I hunt and click until I find the folder with the exported file in it.”

Aha! Wouldn’t it be nice if the application found the exported file for you?

“Well, Bob, it sure would.” 

And that’s exactly what TechSmith’s Camtasia for Mac does when you export a screencast, as shown here:

Click “Reveal in Finder” to instantly go to the file you just exported. Brilliant.

This is extremely useful for a couple of reasons. First, very often you will want to look at whatever it is you’ve exported to see if it works, see if it’s the right file size, etc. Secondly, frequently you will want to import the file you exported right back into the same application. For instance, if you are working in ProTools, you may want to mix down multiple tracks in a project and then use the mixdown within that same project. “Reveal in Finder” makes that a drag-and-drop process, as opposed to using “Import” from a hierarchical menu. 

None of Apple’s content creation apps, iMovie, iPhoto, etc., offer this feature, nor do any of the other apps I use regularly, like OmniGraffle. That’s a shame. It should at least be an option within the application preferences. 

How hard could it be?