Austin ad firm creates brilliant video branding cigarette butts as toxic waste

When I worked at Big State U back in the day, I officed near the guy responsible for setting up and managing the University’s pioneering water recycling effort. Probably very few University students, faculty and staff members realize that much of the grey water from campus drains is captured and reused in the water chilling system that air conditions campus buildings. 

Naturally, this fellow was very concerned about water quality issues. I’ve never forgotten how he described cigarette butts to me: he called them “perfect toxic packets.” He explained that they persist in the environment for months or years, leaching all kinds of horrible toxins into the environment. 

I was reminded of that when I saw this article in the Times about a new ad campaign from Legacy, a national non-profit that fights against the health impacts of smoking on society. The campaign, created by the fabulously talented folks at The Butler Bros. right here in Austin, vividly portrays the toxic impact that discarded cigarette butts have on our environment. 

It drives me absolutely crazy when I see someone flick a cigarette butt out of their car window. There goes another perfect toxic packet, I think. I wish I could force those idiots to watch this. Over and over again. 

Kudos to The Butler Bros. Fantastic work, guys.