WTF is with iTunes 11 asking for consent EVERY time I open it?

EVERY time I open iTunes 11.0.2, I get this:

In case you aren’t wearing your readers, the text at lower left is asking me to either agree or not agree to share details about my music library with Apple so that they can download album cover art, and probably also infect my brain so that on some secret pre-determined date they can flip a switch and turn me into their robot slave. 

Up until now, I’ve always clicked “Agree.” The risk of turning into Apple’s robot slave is worth it to me so that I will see the cover art for for Johnny “Guitar” Watson: Best of the Funk Years when I am listening to “A Real Mother for Ya.” But the consent screen still came up every time I re-launched the app anyway.

In the interest of blog-a-listic inquiry, I just now tried clicking “No Thanks” to see if that would make it go away. Nope. It didn’t.

Ha ha! Apple made a mista-aake!