Do humans see color the same way?

Your very alert host, Michael. You’ve asked yourself that right? You look at an orange and you say, This orange looks orange to me. And I know most people—those without colorblindness, anyway—would describe the color of this orange as orange. But is what I think of as the color orange what they think of as the color orange? posted this video in which Michael Stevens, the host of the YouTube channel Vsauce, tackles this very question. I’d never heard of Vsauce before, but it is extremely popular (over 2M subscribers), and no wonder if this thought provoking and well produced video is typical of their output.

Michael’s presentation style can be a little annoyingly enthusiastic at first, but it isn’t boring. I consider that an asset when I am watching a 9+ minute video that explores questions like these without excessively dumbing them down. For me it was time well spent, full of interesting things to think about like the explanatory gap, who asked the first question, and why even apes who can communicate in sign language don’t ask questions to learn things they don’t know. (Hint: Theory of Mind.)