Pope Benedict's retirement to-do list

“I hope it’s not fish sticks. We had fish sticks last Friday. Anyway, my money’s on chili mac.”ICYMI, the Pope’s a short-timer. Here’s a guess at what he may want to do with his newly freed-up schedule:

Hang out in the lobby of Vatican Wealth Managers all morning long, drinking their free coffee and watching the stock ticker. 

Go fly fishing for doomed souls.

Do some reverent puttering around the house.

Attend more Knights of Columbus meetings.

Expand cat portfolio.

Play Papal PowerBall now that eligibility restriction no longer applies.

Learn how to program to realize dream of launching Whack-a-Pope iOS app.

Spend more time with imaginary grandkids.

Organize cassock closet.

Eat breakfast with retired cardinals in Vatican cafeteria while having a spirited discussion about what the Vatican cafeteria might be serving for lunch.