My Personal Top 10 for 2013


Applying for a small business loan with my fly totally open.

Questioning that young veteran about his right to park in the handicapped space until he showed me his prosthetic leg.

Getting kicked out of my procrastination support group for chronic tardiness.

The weekend I thought I’d lost my phone, only to learn my 14-year-old cousin and his drunken buddies had swiped it to take pictures of themselves lighting their farts and posting them to my LinkedIn job-seekers profile.

Getting caught leaving my 84-year-old mom in the car while I shopped at the mall—the very first time I tried it. Swear to God.

Three-week fugue state over parts of June and July.

Being “the exception that proves the rule” at that inspirational fire walking session.

Finally being paired in dance class with the woman I had enrolled in dance class to impress in the first place, and then dropping her and breaking her pelvis.

Taking my four-year-old son to my job on the midnight shift at the tollbooth.

Forgetting I had a sister.