A rock and a hard place: student survives fall, is stuck between buildings for 36 hours

Survivor: Asher VongtauSheesh. College kids.

It’s hard to call NYU student Asher Vongtau lucky. After all, he fell off an NYU dorm building, though no one is yet sure how far he fell. 

But he landed in a narrow gap—described as barely wider than a shoe box—between the dorm building and it’s parking garage. The gap probably broke his fall, but he was still badly injured, and completely trapped, unable to move. At all. 

They finally found him, still alive, 36 hours later. They had to break through a brick wall in the parking garage to reach him and get him out. 

Dude is going to have some stories. 


NYT: For 36 Hours, NYU Student Was Trapped Between 2 Buildings