Interactive quiz: Rob Ford or Richie Incognito?

Was fired from coaching youth football. Answer

Used the word “miffed” to describe his reaction to aspects of the controversy surrounding him. Answer

Skin covered in tribal tattoos. Answer

Skin covered in crimson flush. Answer

Caught on video threatening to kill a dude. Answer

Caught on voicemail threatening to kill a dude. Answer

Proclaimed an honorary black person by a black person. Answer

Attended the Austin City Limits music festival as part of an official “trade mission.” Answer

Entertained dope smoking entourage members at work facility after hours, as part of a drunken St. Patrick’s Day romp. Answer

Paraded ranting and shirtless during a visit to a poolhall with colleagues. Answer

Has a brother named Doug. Answer

Has a father named Richie Incognito Sr. Answer