Codgers ignoring each other the modern way

So, don’t ask why, but I was having breakfast at McDonald’s in Temple, TX this morning. It was a huge ego boost, because I was the youngest customer in there by at least two decades. Also, I had my first and very probably my last Egg McMuffin ever. 

Anyway, I noticed these two codgers sitting at a table near me. But they weren’t talking to one another. And it seemed weird to me. I thought, maybe they’ve been friends so long that they’re like an old married couple and have developed the ability to communicate without words. Hell, maybe they are an old married couple (but I seriously doubt it). 

Then I looked again, and I realized what was up and I took this photo, all sneaky like:

Yup, that’s right—they were practicing the modern phenomenon of smartphone mediated non-togetherness togetherness.

Who says you can’t teach old dogs new ways of experiencing modern-day misanthropy?