Artist David Yow wants you to get faced

In these two examples, the submitted photos are on the left and the resulting work is on the right. Duh.Musician/actor/artist David Yow has a new website to market original artwork commissions inspired by photos of faces.

Yow, who—full disclosure—is a good friend from way back, is best known as the frontman for the influential indie band The Jesus Lizard. But he was a markedly talented visual artist before he ever picked up a microphone.

He explains on his new site,, “Send a photo of your face, or your brother’s face, or your ferret’s face, it doesn’t matter whose face it is. I’ll take that photo and give it the GET FACED treatment… a hand-drawn copy of the face that’s ‘colored in’ with photographic textures and/or patterns and/or colors.”

What makes this exciting to me, aside from Yow’s evident talent, is that he is not offering to “Warhol-ize” or posterize, or cartoonize, or any other kind of “-ize” your photo, except maybe other than to Yow-ize. He explicitly states that the resulting works, “are not intended to look recognizably like the person(s) or animal(s) that are depicted in the photo you send.” There’s a sense of uncertainty and loss of control on the part of those commissioning the work that really appeals to me.

I’d be the last to pretend Yow’s artistic sensibility is for everyone. That was true about his music, too. As a live performer, he was known for a total physical submission to the moment unlike any other performer I’ve ever seen. I see that same kind of submission to the creative process in his art.

I took the plunge. Can’t wait to share the results.