Even stupider punny eatery names than Coat and Thai

If you eat here, you are supporting lame naming. I saw this food truck on S. Congress here in the ATX the other day and got incensed. I mean, could there be a lamer, less relevant pun for a Thai place? Even “Thai One On” would be better. So I decided the world—or at least this blog—needed a list with more of these gratuitous, first-pun-that-comes-to-mind restaurant names. Your contributions are welcome, of course.

Waffle Tired
Wings and a Prayer
Henry Fondue
Circus Greek
Too Couscous for Comfort
Kick in the Nuts
Meat the Parents
Mojave Dessert
(unless located in the Mojave Desert, in which case OK)
Vegetative State
Plate in My Skull
Pancake Makeup (borderline passable)
Stackin’ Cheddar
Filet Lady Filet
It’s An Egg-sac Science
A Thin Linguine Between Love and Hate
A Persistent, Annoying Wine
It’s Da Bombay
A Gustatory of Wind
The Fate of the Planet Is at Steak
I’m Nacho Mother
Date Crepe*

*A tip o’ the Oblogatory trilby to StitchLab goddess Leslie Bonnell for this excellent capper.