Kill-krazed kitties kaught on kammer

Nocturnal catfrontation captured by kitty cam. Pic © University of GeorgiaComes now Kerrie Anne Loyd, a science-type person with the University of Georgia, to tell us that our furry feline friends are more psychopathic (and stoopid) than we might have imagined, as reported in this USAToday story. Loyd strapped collar cams on 60 pussies to track their outdoor peregrinations and the resulting footage revealed predation a-plenty, as well as dumb shit like dashing across streets and crawling in places they might have trouble crawling out of. 

All of this is SHOCKING, just SHOCKING.

National Geographic and the University of Georgia teamed up on this nice site to present the findings. Lots of pics and videos here

THIS is why we can’t have nice birds. Look for a cat’s reaction to these serious allegations soon.