Badminton? More like disgracefulminton

Have you heard about the Olympics badminton controversy? Where the hell you been, homes? Four women’s doubles teams were disqualified on Tuesday for trying to tank their matches. The reason? All four teams had already qualified for the next round and were trying to draw the weakest possible opponents. I’m not defending the players—or their coaches, who, while inexplicably not disciplined were no doubt the architects of the ploy—but come on, Olympic Committee. With the stakes this high, this was entirely predictable.

This page on Business Insider was the only place I found an embeddable video with highlights, er, I mean lowlights from one of the stinky matches. But it won’t play as an embedded video, so you’ll just need to go there yourself. The bald-faced tanking is freaking hilarious.

Count on the next Olympic badminton tournament to switch to an elimination format instead of a round-robin format. 

Here’s a video of how exciting a goodminton doubles match can be: