Ew, what's in the lake? Ca-ba-ba-ba-ba-bomba!

photo by YNN

This scum covering is a familiar sight these days at Ladybird Lake here in the ATX. Sometimes Louis and Lupita can’t go swimming because there’s too much grossness clogging up their swimmin’ spot. And their dads have been wondering WTF is up.

Wellsir, according to this report from YNN, it’s all good. The scum on top is part of a native aquatic plant called cabomba, and not the invasive hydrilla that can be a real problem in lakes around here. Supposedly, this booming cabomba bloom is a good thing for the lake ecosystem. Unless your paddle boat gets stuck in it, as Louis and Lupita’s dads saw happen to a guy last week. 

Anyway, the experts assure us there’s nothing to worry about here, unless you run a lakeside tourist business. As you were.