Sandra Martinez vs. the pitbull jaws of justice: what have we learned?

If we are Sandra Martinez, we have learned the following:

If you’re stuck in traffic, you can’t cut over the grassy median to bypass a long-ass line of cars, EVEN IF:

  • You have piñatas in your truck
  • You are taking those piñatas to church for a charity raffle
  • You have two of your children in the truck, so obviously you wouldn’t knowingly do anything to endanger your kids
  • You are from a small town where they drive on the grassy medians all the time
  • You aren’t familiar with the streets of Austin (except for the route to church)
  • Your GPS told you to drive on the grassy median
  • There were tire tracks in the grassy median where other scofflaws had gone before
  • You cry during your jury trial


And also:

  • It’s $104 more expensive to request a jury trial and lose than to just suck it up and pay the ticket
  • If you’re going to request a jury trial, it probably helps to have one of those lawyer people on your side