7 Little Words is an addictive little game

Comes now 7 Little Words (link is for iPhone), a casual word game from the people who made Moxie, another word game which I’ve tried but never fallen in love with. 

Much of this game’s appeal comes from its utter simplicity. At the top of the screen you get a list of seven crossword-style clues, with the letter counts for the answers. At the bottom is a grid of 20 word fragments. Each fragment is used in one and only one word. You tap word fragments to build words that answer the clues. It looks like this:

When you tap word fragments, they load in the input field and the “Shuffle” button converts to a “Guess” button. If you guess correctly, those fragments are removed from the grid. Here’s the completed screen for the puzzle above:

It gets tricky, because word fragments might contain parts of two syllables, and a single syllable might be divided into multiple fragments. There’s no time limit, and you can guess as often as you like. 

The game is a free download that comes with 50 puzzles, and there’s a free daily puzzle. Additional 50-puzzle game packs are available for $.99.

Nice little time waster. At the official site, you can play the daily puzzle online