Much less frequently asked questions

Q: What the hell is that all about when my doctor tells me to turn my head and cough?

Q: When I stick my finger in auxiliary outlet A (Fig. 19), I see beautiful jewels before my eyes. I just voided my damn warranty, didn’t I?

Q: How do I get blood stains off of a US passport?

Q: Can you please stop talking about your ex-wife for one goddamn minute?

Q: How come when I ask a question, no one ever begins their answer with, “That’s a very good question?”

Q: If I remove the saw blade (Fig. 1), can I use the power unit (Fig. 2) to melt butter for popcorn?

Q: Is Idaho really all that important that we couldn’t have just kept it a territory or something?

Q: When I hold my finger to my carotid artery I black out—so why do I keep doing it?

Q: Ryan Seacrest—cyborg or android?

Q: Holographic authenticity certificate aside, is it cool if I copy your software and sell it to all the kids at school?

Q: Are we getting pretty stoked about this Romney fella or what?