In Amsterdam they're saying, "Fix it!"

If you’re like me—and I’m truly sorry if you are, but you can’t say your mother didn’t warn you what would happen if you didn’t stop—you hate our throwaway culture.

It drives me crazy when the failure of a small part renders an entire product useless. It doesn’t matter that you can probably buy an entire new product—almost always imported—for less the you might pay for fixing the old one. In fact, that’s a big part of the problem. The throw-it-away-and-buy-a-new-one mentaility encourages unnecessary raw resource consumption and adds more junk and hazardous waste to our landfills. 

So I was excited to see this article in the NYT about people in the Netherlands who run Repair Cafes. These volunteer groups meet once a month and try to fix stuff that people bring in to them. They even fixed one lady’s 40-year-old vacuum cleaner. 

I don’t like to “should” on myself, but considering that I hate planned obsolescence and that I love to fix stuff, I should start a Repair Cafe here.

Who’s with me? Gopher? Otter?