Four summer movie ideas based on board games that no one has made movies of yet

Darn it! I had this great idea first!

Operation, directed by Michael Bay—Mr. Rednose (Steve Caustic) has a problem—a terrorist group replaced his funny bone with a replica containing a thermonuclear device set to go off in 45 minutes. Can Dr. McHero (Bronc Lemay) remove it in time, without touching his tweezers to the side of Mr. Rednose’s incision?

The Game of Life, directed by Terrence Malick—Should Mary (Jessica Careerless) go to college? Should she get a job? Should she get out of bed in the morning? Or should she just lay there listening to her inner monologue drone on and on? And who the hell is going to remove the giant roulette-like spinner thingy from her backyard?

Scrabble, directed by Judd Apatow—James (Harry Nees) is all mixed up. Or, rather, his letters are. What can he spell with B-O-O-B-I-S-E? His chance to go out with Betty (Karen Pneumatic) depends on whether he can figure it out in time.

Connect Four, directed by Ben Stiller—Bob (Steve Whitebread) and Chloe (Candy Bland) are excited when new a new couple, Ned (Hunk Munkerson) and Rebecca (Touché Mabahdi) move in next door. But when the new couple make Bob and Chloe a shocking offer, the future of their marriage hangs in the hilarious balance.