Anagrams from the NYT headline about old people freezing their kids' eggs

This NYT headline grabbed me this morning: Would Be Grandparents Support Egg Freeze

Who cares what the article’s about? Something about old women paying to freeze their adult daughter’s ovi. But never mind that. I thought, wow, that headline would make some great anagrams.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an online anagram generator powerful enough to work with the whole phrase. So I used the best first anagram generator I found, The Internet Anagram Server, and I broke the headline into smaller chunks. Then I put some of the choicest chunks together: 

Blued ow grandpa rents pop ruts gee fez erg
Bow duel panders grant sport up ere fez egg
Blow due dang partners port pus zee ref egg
Web loud dang pants err strop up gee fez erg
Bud we lo ardent sprang pot spur freeze egg

So there you have it.

PS. for those who are wondering if I don’t have better things to do, the answer is yes, but my doing worse things is the only thing that makes that true. Think about it.