TM Daily Post extends Texas Monthly's reporting on wrongful convictions

Hanna Overton, described by all who know her as an uncommonly loving and patient mother, was convicted of killing her foster child by force-feeding him salt.If you haven’t been keeping up with the TM Daily Post, you’ve been missing a lot of great news, culture, sports and lifestyle reporting on our great state, brought to you by the staff of Texas Monthly (which I write for once a year). 

This week the TMDP is running daily dispatches from a hearing in the Hannah Overton Case, from Texas Monthly contributing editor Pamela Colloff, who blew the lid off the case with this article in the magazine.

Colloff’s article vividly and convincingly portrays the fixated, blinkered prosecution of Overton for the death of her foster son by salt poisoning. Her reporting in no small part spurred the hearing that is occurring this week, at which the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that material issues of Overton’s guilt or innocence must be re-examined—a very rare occurrence, since criminal appeals usually hinge on procedural matters, and matters of guilt or innocence typically are excluded from consideration. 

Along with her colleague (and my friend) Michael Hall, whose dispatches on exoneree Kerry Max Cook are a must-read, Colloff and Texas Monthly are forces for justice and fairness in Texas. The TM Daily Post gives them an effective platform to extend their reporting on these cases from the past into the present. It’s riveting and vitally important stuff.