Involuntary mnemonics from The Wire

I have one of those brains that just needs the slightest reminder of something to flood my mind with something related, usually tangentially, and often a song or a scene from a movie. For instance, when I watch a college football game and an announcer mentions that a player is in his freshman year, I hear the song Frankie the Freshman, which I only know from Warner Bros. cartoons, because Carl Stalling used it in the score for dozens of shorts. 

Well, it’s no secret that I love The Wire. I’ve watched each season multiple times. And there are a couple of routine life events that ALWAYS bring certain scenes from the show to mind. I’ve clipped two of them here.

The first is this scene from Season 2, Episode 2. I hear Frank Sobotka say this every time I see a shipping container:

The second instance, and the one that inspired me to write this post, is this scene from Season 3, Episode 4, which I see and hear every time I start the lawnmower:

Does this happen to you?