Mind mah Tervis, Purvis!


This is a blog post about a plastic cup that I love. 

Behold the mighty Tervis. Have you heard of the Tervis? I hadn’t, until my sister gave me a pair as a (very) belated Christmas present. (She bought them before Christmas, we just hadn’t seen each other for a while.)

But the kids are down with Tervis. My Much Better Half mentioned our Tervis score to some of her high school students and they were all like, “Ooh, Tervis! I love my Tervis!”

With me and my Tervis it was love at first sip. That’s because, when accessorized with a matching snap-on lid and articulated large-bore permanent bendy straw, the Tervis is essentially a sippy cup for grown ups. (There’s your tagline right there!)

The Tervis is one of the finest examples of quality plastic manufacturing you are likely to see these days, AND IT’S MADE IN THE GOOD OL’ U.S. of A.! Take that, Formosa Plastics

The basic design is a cup within a cup with a vacuum-sealed space in between. This means hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold, and they don’t sweat all over everything—no need for a coaster! They call it the “world’s first smart cup.” I guess that would make my Diet Dr. Pepper a Tervis “app.”

But not everyone in our household esteems the Tervis with the fervis I do. This has caused me to get extremely territorial and proprietary about my Tervis, leading to frequent exhortations of, “Mind mah, Tervis!” For some reason, this is always spoken with a pronounced southern accent. 

All right, admittedly, my infatuation comes in no small part from the fact that the name sounds like it could be an intimate body part. But still, I love mah Tervis!

How’s y’all’s Tervis?